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Team of 5 plumbers + in charge plumber needed for 1 year project in Denmark

Team of 5 plumbers + in charge plumber needed for 1 year project in Denmark

NH Bemanding in Denmark, is establishing a team of 6 professional high-end plumbers to a one year long project, where one person needs to have experience as teamleader.

The building project is a new 10.000 m2 warehouse being constructed, where the team needs to build up all plumber installations (Water, heating, sanitary) for the warehouse, the offices, bathrooms, kitchen etc. It is also requred that two of the 6 plumbers in the team have HVAC experience and can install ventialtion pipes.  So in total the project needs 6 plumbers, where 2 have HVAC experience and one have expereince as a teamleader.

About the plumber work: 

  • Installation of industrial heat pumps on the roof, and piping these through the roof and into distribution pipes under the ceiling.
  • Installation of all pipes and fans to distribute heat throughout the warehouse and office buildings.
  • Connection to district heating system
  • Any needed concrete drilling
  • Placing supports
  • Roof penetrations
  • Installation of various types of pipes.
  • Pressing the pipes with a special press machine.
  • Installation of sanitary appliances, tea kitchen, bathroom etc.

About the HVAC / ventilation work: 

  • Mount ventilation pipes in the officebuidings
  • Connect ventilation pipes from the building to the HVAC unit / ventilationaggregate on the roof.


  • Plumber skills with a diploma and proven experience
  • Able to read drawings
  • Experience with scissor lifts and able to work in heights, is a requirement.
  • Understand and speak English
  • If you do not have a diploma, you need to document job-experience.
  • For the workers with HVAC experience, please refer to that in your application
  • For the person with teamleader skills, please refer to that in your application


  • Salary per hour for Plumber in-charge is 245 DKK. (33 euro per hour)
  • Salary per hour for qualified plumber is 230 DKK  (31 euro per hour)
  • Salary per hour for HVAC installer, is between 195 – 210 DKK. (26-28 euro per hour) . If you are plumber with HVAC experience, you will get the plumber salary.
  • Exampel of monthly salary in Euro: 210 DKK per hour. Average work hours 50 hours x 28 euro per hour x 4,2 weeks = 5880 Euro. After tax  it would be about 4200 euro. This is an average calculation, as you can have a higher hour salary and more tax deductions.
  • We will assist with finding appropiate accomodation
  • Rotation is 6/2
  • Tools and work clothes is provided for free.
  • On top of hour pay, you will also receive Holiday Money and other benefits per the employment law in Denmark.

We offer good working conditions, following all local and international regulations, this both regarding working conditions, pay (pay every 14 days), holiday pay, medical coverage etc.

When you choose to work with NH Bemanding you get a trustworthy partner with a wide range of jobs with good working conditions, and you become part of our large network which gives you more and better opportunities continuously.

We are always in close dialogue with our people and therefore stay connected to both customers and our employees to ensure you have the best possible conditions at the many different workplaces all over the country.

Startup :
Beginning of June 2022.

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