NH Bemanding leverer dygtige og kvalitetsbevidste håndværkere til virksomheder i bygge og anlægsbranchen



Denmark is experiencing a severe lack of good welders, who can bring district heat out throughout the entire country. We are hiring a team of four welders who can come to Denmark and start up right away.

Here we are working with one of the big welding firms who coordinate and install pipe across most of Denmark. NH Bemanding will take care of getting you established which includes transport to and from work, a place to stay while here and all paperwork, immigration, taxes etc. in order.
NH Bemanding is a professional staffing agency that has been in the business for more than 20 years. We are a member of the employer’s union of Denmark (Dansk Industri) and our things are in order. Salaries are paid out twice per month (14 day pay) and as an EU citizen you will be covered for medical services while in Denmark.

Work will mainly be TIG welding in black, mostly twin pipe. Some experience in MIG and or Electric welding is also preferred. All work is X-ray examined and must be done to the highest standards.
You will minimally work 37 hours per week, but there will be requests for you to work many more hours and so this gives a good opportunity for making additional money (of course you will not be working more than the legal limit). If wanted there is potential for working 48 hour weeks, on 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off, rotation schedule, but this will not be from day one. Pay is good and is based on skill, certification, and speed of high quality work performed.

If you are the right candidate for this job, and do well once arrived, this job can be yours for years to come.


  • You must hold a UNI-ISO 9606-1 EU Welding certificate
  • TIG, MIG and any other applicable certificates
  • You must have several years of experience in welding district Heat.
  • Are a citizen of an EU country
  • You speak and understand English as a minimum.

You are always welcome to write to jobdk@nh-aps.com or call for questions to Helena on mobile: +4592444538
You can also apply easily by using formular below. We look forward for your application.

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