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Professional Carpenter with work experience in Norway for exellent job. Good pay and free accomodations

Professional Carpenter with work experience in Norway for exellent job. Good pay and free accomodations

NH Bemanning is looking for high quality carpenter for a really good project in Norway, who already have work-experience as a carpenter in Norway.

About the job:
New houses to be build where you need to build up cast and gyps walls, plastering, constructing the wood floor, parquet wood floor, setting in doors, windows, constructing new kitchen, railings, stairs and other various interior carpentry work. You need to have experience not only with gyps walls, but real carpentry work.

We are a company that have worked in Norway for the last 20 years and have many workers from all over Europe who have been employed in our team for many years.

NH Bemanning provides also free accommodations if you do not have your own accomodations. If you have your own accomodations, NH will compensate with minimum 15 NOK (1,6 Euro) extra per hour, on top of your salary.


  • As applicant you are expereinced as a carpenter WITH work experience in Norway and can show reference from Norway
  • Understand and speak English language, or scandinavian speaking
  • Carpenter diploma or CV with good experienc
  • Experience for at least 2 to 3 years of Norwegian carpentry with good work record on CV on the above competences.
  • Diploma as carpenter, with prooven experience in the above job description
  • Able to read drawings
  • Driver’s licenseIf you can bring your own car to Norway, you will be compensated with travel costs.


  • NH Bemanning will provide 100% free accommodation.
  • Salary per hour is 250 NOK (approximately 26 euro per hour)
  • Monthly salary in Euro: average workhours 48 x 26 euro per hour x 4,2 weeks = 5.241 Euro brutto. After tax (25%) it would be 3.930- euro netto. This is an average calculation, as you can have a different hour price and more work hours. And free accommodation is included
  • Monthly salary in NOK:  in average if you work 48 hours a week x 250 NOK x 4,2 weeks = 50.400 NOK brutto. After tax 25% it would be 37.800 NOK
  • Rotational work 3 weeks / 1 week home or 6 weeks work/2 weeks home.
  • Tools and work clothes are provided for free.
  • On top of hour pay, you will also receive Holiday Money, pension, and other benefits per the employment law in Norway
  • You can get  + 15 NOK (1,6 Euro) extra per hour in your salary, if you have your own accomodation ) NH also pay Holiday Money, pension etc

Startup: As soon as possible

Send your CV via this quick form: Bemanding register CV . You can also write to our job-email: job@nh-aps.com

For more questions you’re welcome to call to Katia on +45-22191171 or write to her on email: katia@nh-aps.com

We look forward to hear from you.


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