NH BEMANNING delivers skilled and high quality craftsmen to the building construction industry

Work With Us

Work With Us

rekruttering beskåret

Our customers need a stable and flexible workforce

NH Bemanding is a staffing company, that supplies and leases, skilled and independent craftsmen to companies in the construction industry, who need flexible and stable labor – at the agreed time and price.

Our customers’ need to hire professionals and additional staffing typically occurs when they have an increased order intake, need new or supplementary competencies for the projects, have seasonal fluctuations in their production or strive for optimal flexibility in their staff.

NH Bemanding delivers quality professionals to over 100 active customers in Denmark and Norway, and for the same reason we are constantly getting new exciting tasks and projects.

Therefore, we have continuous use of competent professionals, especially in:

  • Plumbers / pipe layers
  • Ventilation Installers
  • Plumbers / Roof and facade
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Smiths and welders

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In addition to exciting tasks within the country, our affiliated professionals will also be able to offer exciting tasks in Norway. Here, NH Bemanding has been on the market for many years and has gradually been building a network of many exciting customers, who we continually deliver good professionals to.

The professionals who choose to work with NH Bemanding get a trustworthy partner with a wide range of tasks and good working conditions, and become part of a large network.

NH Bemanding’s purpose is to help customers create a viable business – by delivering skilled and efficient craftsmen to their projects – at the agreed time and price.

Why become an employee with us?

There may be a number of reasons for joining the NH Bemanding team. Some become employees of us because they want to see many different jobs, or to get inspiration and be developed in working with new jobs and other people. Others choose to become part of the staff and the network at NH Bemanding, as it provides an opportunity for flexibility and freedom to choose where and when to work.

When you are part of the NH Bemanding network, we try to find tasks that are best suited to you. After completing a task, you can decide when to take a new one. We can not guarantee new tasks, but generally there is a high demand for qualified employees within our areas of work.

As long as your project and work last, you will be employed by NH Bemanding, which ensures that you comply with all applicable conventions for the work you perform, as well as local agreements that may apply to the workplace to which you are being sent. You will only have one employer, NH Bemanding, but the workplace and work type may vary with the tasks. As an employee of NH Bemanding you will be part of a network of exciting customers and projects.

NH Bemanding is responsible for payment of salaries and other social costs – including holiday pay, sickness allowance, retirement, holiday pay and other employer taxes.

Who can become an employee at NH Bemanding?

If you are able to document a solid, practical and relevant experience in your subject, and you want to provide personal service to our customers while making use of your professional skills through different types of tasks, then a work placement may well be something for you.

What do we expect of you as a temp craftsman?

NH Bemanding and our customers make high demands regarding competencies, skills, meeting stability, efficiency and quality.

It’s important that you’re ready to make a 100% effort as a temp craftsman, so the collaboration will be a positive experience for both yourself and our customer, so the customer gets the benefit he has invested in.

A good professional effort gives you greater joy, job satisfaction and professional pride, as well as giving you far greater opportunities to get out to new exciting projects and customers. Many of our star craftsmen have been at NH Bemanding for several years in a row.

“Code of conduct” for craftsmen in NH Bemanding:

  1. Do not compromise on quality – Deliver quality to customer.
  2. Be genuinely interested in the customer and do whatever you can to help him.
  3. Observe the rules for workplace and safety at the workplaces you move on.
  4. Always make quality assurance of your work – as a craftsman at NH Bemanding, you are a high quality craftsman that provides stability and high service!
  5. Create and maintain close communication with NH Bemanding to create long-term relationships.
  6. Always be open, loyal and honest to customers and NH Bemanding.
  7. Treat your colleagues as a teammate and as a team to achieve good results at the customer
  8. Maintain full focus on NH Bemanding purpose in everything you do: to help customers create a viable business – by delivering skilled and efficient craftsmen to their projects – at the agreed time and price.
  9. Be productive, create results, take responsibility, make a difference – and have fun while doing it!

We are responsible for all the practicalities from start to finish