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Recruitment and our process

Recruitment and our process

rekruttering beskåret
Job description / Requirements

The requirement specification is the most important tool to ensure an optimal match between your company’s need for manpower and the candidate who will carry out the task. Together with the consultant from NH Bemanding, a requirement specification is drawn up.

Candidate processing and search

Due to our optimized IT processes, which provide transparency and speed, we can quickly search for candidates in our network who match your exact needs, both in terms of professional skills and experience. All candidates will receive continuous feedback about their status and where they are in the process.

The interview phase

We have built up a database where we track many of our candidates track record, use of their skills and work effort. This also includes that our people are constantly evaluated by our customers after their work has been completed. This means that many of our candidates come with good recommendations from their most recent employers or companies they have helped through us. These candidates have top priority in a match with a new client.

The candidates we do not have direct experience with are interviewed and their references checked. The candidates who satisfy the requirement specification will then be presented to the customer.

Candidate presentation

We send a presentation of the qualified candidate to the customer who matches the position and requirement specification.

Reference check

We always carry out a qualitative reference check on the candidate. We use specific  tools and a specific method to ensures that the reference check has the same standard for each candidate.


After employment, we follow up both towards you as a customer and also towards the candidate. This implies that regular contact is established with the candidate and his superior. We also carry out a final evaluation with the client and the candidate after each job is completed.

Evaluation and quality assurance

At NH Bemanding, it is important to us that the customer has received high quality both from NH Bemanding as a supplier and from the candidate – and that the collaboration corresponds to the customer’s expectations. It means a lot to us that you as a customer are satisfied with the process at NH Bemanding – right from start to finish. That is why we have an evaluation and quality system – where both NH Staffing and our candidates are evaluated. This ensures that we continue to deliver quality and continue to improve our staff and services to our customers.

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