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NH Bemannig AS  is hiring qualified CNC operators  for a project in 5217 Hagavik in Norway.

NH Bemannig AS  is hiring qualified CNC operators  for a project in 5217 Hagavik in Norway.


CNC operators

NH Bemanning is hiring 10 skilled CNC operators for a project until 31/08- 2024.

About the job:
The work is done at the customers workshop which is 11.500 m2. The core business is making parts for shipping-, oil-, and electric- industry.
Many complex parts and things that are custom and that they specialize in.
List of machines are as follows:

Mazak Integrex 400IV             –  Mazatrol
Mazak Integrex 400IV             –  Mazatrol
Okuma LU300                         –  OSP200
Mazak Integrex 400S               –  Mazatrol
Mazak Integrex E650              –  Mazatrol
Puma 400LMB (15)                 –  Fanuc
Mazak Integrex E650              –  Mazatrol
Mazak Integrex E500              –  Mazatrol
Mazak Integrex E500              –  Mazatrol
Mazak int. E670 (20)              –  Mazatrol
Mazak int. E670 (20)              –  Mazatrol
WFL Milturn M65                   –  Sinumerik 840d
Mazak Integrex 400IV             –  Mazatrol
Puma 230                                –  Fanuc
Mazak Integrex E650              –  Mazatrol
Pieto.Carnaghi. AC28TM         –  Sinumerik 840d
Pietro Carnaghi AC20TM        –  Sinumerik 840d
Omega 80 nr.1 (51)                 –  Fanuc
Omega 80 nr.1 (51)                 –  Fanuc
Okuma VTM120YB                  –  OSP200
Makino A55                             –  Fanuc
Makino A81                             –  Fanuc
Makino A99                             –  Fanuc
Novar 64                                 –  Sinumerik 840d
Colgar 200TR12                       –  Heidenheim
Colgar 200TR12                       –  Sinumerik 840d

• Diploma of Automation Technician/ Operator or minimum 3 years of experience working with CNC machinery.
• You have good experience and good references
• You are self-going (able to work alone)
• English speaking – communicative level
• EU passport

• Salary per hour is 285,- NOK
• Rotation 6 weeks work / 2 weeks home
• Free accommodation with single rooms
• On top of hour pay, you will also receive Holiday money 12%, pension, and other benefits per the employment law in Norway

Startup :
As soon as possible

Send your CV and to our email job@nh-aps.com or apply through the form below.

For questions you’re welcome to contact our HR team Katia: +47  458 58 938 or Luiza +47 458 77 919

We look forward for you application.

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