NH BEMANNING delivers skilled and high quality craftsmen to the building construction industry

NH Bemanding

NH Bemanding

Nordisk Haandvaerk vaerktoej

NH Bemanding has been supplying temps and professionals to the construction and civil engineering industry since 2000. NH Bemanding and is one of the largest temps and staffing companies in Denmark and Norway within our segment.

We supply flexible and qualified substitute labor for over 100 active customers in Denmark and Norway. We have more than 6000 projects and construction sites behind us since we started in the year 2000. Our temporary staff and professionals have documented solid practical experience, and today we have 200 skilled people employed. We have temporary staff members all over the country and over the years we have built up a strong substitute network, which means that through us you will have access to a large pool of substitute craftsmen within many special areas.

Our substitute network
The company has offices in Copenhagen and Jessheim (Norway). Our large network of temporary workers and craftsmen enables us to present your company to the right temporary worker and professional. We ensure that our substitute craftsmen have solidly documented business-relevant experience and possess the right professional skills to be able to solve the specific task. NH Bemanding has over the years built up a large contact area and a large substitute network of competent craftsmen, and we are specialists in finding craftsmen for the construction and construction industry.

Our specialty
Our purpose is to help customers create a viable business – by providing skilled and efficient temps and craftsmen for their projects – at the agreed time and price.

We currently employ 200 skilled people and are specialists in providing craftsmen for either the daily staffing, at peak times or for larger projects within:

  • Plumbers / pipe layers
  • Ventilation Installers
  • Constructions
  • Electricians
  • Plumber / roof and facade
  • Forging and welders

Vicar and Staffing in Growth
NH Bemanding has experience in recruiting craftsmen for the construction industry right back to the year 2000, and supplies skilled workmen to customers in both Denmark and Norway.

The company was based on the supply of substitute professionals for plumbing installers and plumbing businesses. NH Bemanding gradually expanded its supply to include the other disciplines that we deliver to today.

Our mission statement and mission as a temporary staffing company are:
To help customers create a viable business – by delivering skilled and efficient substitute craftsmen for their projects – at the agreed time and price.

Our goal is to be the best substitute company in the Nordic countries to supply professionals for the industries we specialize in. We also want to be a stable and profitable partner for our craftsmen, where wages are paid on time and working conditions are in order.

Contact us now by phone tel. +45 92 44 45 34 and hear how we can help with extra temporary labor.

We make it easy
We are responsible for everything practical from start to finish: Recruitment of temporary workers, CV, verification of competencies, contracts, follow-up and evaluation through the project process, collective agreements, salaries and work clothes.

At NH Bemanding we have a very personal and close approach to finding the right craftsman for our customers’ challenges and needs. We know our craftsmen and their skills and strengths so we know what they can deliver. We take pride in constructive and seamless cooperation to give our customers the best possible experience.

Flexible and skilled craftsmen on an hourly basis

  • Get quick help with temps and staffing either during peak periods or major projects
  • Craftsmen with solid documented work experience within their craft
  • We arrange all the practical and administrative with pay, contract etc.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the temps and the craftsman’s efforts at the customer
  • Satisfaction guarantee on the craftsman
  • We have experience in supplying professionals since 2000
  • We are a stable and well-consolidated supplier
  • If you need extra labor, call at +45 92 44 45 34 and hear how we can help you.

We are a member of Dansk Byggeri.

Nordisk Håndværk medlem Dansk Byggeri

We are responsible for all the practicalities from start to finish