NH BEMANNING delivers skilled and high quality craftsmen to the building construction industry

For companies

For companies

vikar håndværker

Do you need additional and qualified labour?

NH Bemanding is a staffing agency that supplies skilled and independent workers to
the construction industry.

Our recruiters and HR people know the staffing industry and have built a strong
network to get you the people you need. This means that through us you get access to
a large pool of craftsmen in many specialist areas.

Our primary areas of expertise are:

  • Plumbers/pipelayers
  • Ventilation fitters
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Blacksmiths and welders
  • General workmen and women

NH Bemanding are specialists in providing the professionals you need to staff your
projects. We offer professionals within all construction fields and prefer to be involved
all the way, from the early planning stages, budgeting of the personnel expenses, etc.
to actually placing the people at the site and taking it to completion.

We make it easy

We are responsible for all the practical aspects from start to finish: Recruitment of
workers, receiving and verifying the CVs, verification of competences, contracts,
follow-up and evaluation throughout the entire project process, collective
agreements, salary, social costs, work clothes etc.

At NH Bemanding, we have a very personal approach to finding the right craftsmen
for your challenges and needs. We know our craftsmen and their skills and strengths,
so we know what they can deliver. We take pride in a constructive and problem-free
collaboration to give our customers the best possible experience.

How we qualify a craftsman:

All our workers are professionals in their fields, and they all have solid and well
documented work experience within their professions.

Our recruitment department is responsible for selecting the individual craftsman for
your projects, they make sure to qualify and verify these qualifications with
references, so that we can guarantee that the craftsman we present to you, delivers

NH Bemanding is highly committed to understanding and meeting the customer’s
needs – and we demand the same from our craftsmen when they work for you.

NH Bemanding supplies professionals for the entire process

– from the drawing board and execution of the work itself, all the way to completion of the project.

  • NH has fixed routines to confirm the competencies of our professionals in the field you need them for
  • Professional education must correspond to the field in which one works
  • Checking references with prior employers
  • Review of all specific competencies within subject areas
  • Competencies within the subject area are matched with the customer’s description of the work needing to be done
  • Our professionals have the certificates and courses required to do the job properly and safely
  • We have good follow-up of our employees
  • Flexible and skilled craftsmen on an hourly basis
  • Get quick help with staffing of your major projects
  • Craftsmen and professionals with documented, solid, practical experience in their craft
  • We handle all practical and administrative matters including salary, contracts etc.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of our workman’s efforts at the customer
  • We provide a full satisfaction guarantee on our craftsmen
  • We have lots of experience in the delivery of professionals within every branch of construction – and have been at it since the year 2000.
  • We are a stable and well-established supplier.

 Fleksible og dygtige håndværkere på timebasis

  • Få hurtig hjælp med vikar bemanding enten i perioder med spidsbelastning eller større projekter
  • Håndværkere og vikarer med dokumenteret, solid praktisk erfaring inden for deres håndværk
  • Vi ordner alt det praktiske og administrative med løn, kontrakt etc.
  • Opfølgning og evaluering af håndværkerens indsats hos kunden
  • Tilfredshedsgaranti på håndværkeren
  • Vi har erfaring i levering af fagfolk siden år 2000.
  • Vi er en stabil og velkonsolideret leverandør.


It can be a great advantage for a company to use us as your staffing agency, as we can simply hire the employees you need, when you need them. This means that the company can simply take on big projects, and know that we will provide the people needed to get the job done.

NH Bemanding has a network of skilled employees, all of whom are dedicated to the task and take pride in delivering a good job.

At NH Bemanding, you can hire skilled tradesmen within the fields of plumbing, pipelayers, carpenters, electricians, ventilation fitters, blacksmiths and welders. Our network enables us to deliver exactly the expertise you need.

At NH Bemanding, you hire your employees for the period you need them and subsequently receive an invoice for a fixed, agreed upon amount. It is predictable and profitable, because you can call in staff when the need is there.

If you need extra professional labour, call  92 44 45 34  and let us tell you how we can help.

We are responsible for all the practicalities from start to finish