NH BEMANNING delivers skilled and high quality craftsmen to the building construction industry

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Become part of our job network in NH Staffing, where we offer exciting customers and tasks as well as a varied everyday life

NH Bemanding seeks craftsmen and competent professionals continuously for both our Danish and Norwegian customers. If it is you and you are interested in a job and being part of a strong network, you can sign up below.

NH Bemanding is one of the strongest suppliers in Denmark and Norway in our segment. We deliver quality professionals to over 100 active customers in Denmark and Norway, and for the same reason we are constantly getting new exciting tasks and projects.

Therefore, we have continuous use of competent professionals, especially in:

  • Plumbers / pipe layers
  • Ventilation Installers
  • Plumbers / Roof and facade
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Smiths and welders

In addition to exciting tasks within the country, we also have many tasks and jobs in Norway.

The professionals who choose to work with NH Bemanding get a trustworthy partner with a wide range of tasks and good working conditions, and you become part of a large network.

We want to be in close dialogue with our people at all times and therefore we have our finger on the pulse and ensure you the best possible conditions at the many different workplaces.

We offer good working conditions in the form of a good hourly wage and retirement and an employer, who is always in touch with us, so that we create the best conditions for all parties.

Stable craftsmen

NH Bemanding’s purpose is to provide skilled, stable and efficient craftsmen to our customers with long-term needs to complete their projects, thereby helping the customer to create a viable business.

If you have a solid, practical and relevant experience in your field and the desire to provide personal service to our customers, and if you want to make use of your professional skills through different types of tasks, then a job at NH Bemanding might be something for you.

Are you interested in becoming a part of our craftsman network?

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